Promote your business online

1. Get Your Business Online Presence.

Build a website

For a SME it is very important to get a website as in today’s competitive world you need to impress your potential customers to do business with you. So how do you impress him ok you are very smart at what you do but it is impossible for you to go and meet each and every potential lead out there and to convince him to do business and may not be cost effective to send your company profile to each and every one of them. So easiest and most cost effective way is to build a website. Show off all you few pointers about what you do how you do
why do business with you give some business gyan for free and I am sure you will easily be able to impress your potential lead. Now there are few ways of doing your website get a basic static 4 page website or get a web portal with tons and tons of content and tools.

I would suggest avoid both of these above options. So what we do then make 8 to 10 page website which is responsive in design so it should open in different devices without any distortion. Showcase your USP very clearly on your website and show off all you got to convince your potential lead to come to you for business.

Get a Facebook company page

Facebook is very effective medium for getting business if used correctly. But even if you don’t do marketing on it at least make a Facebook page get your friends and relatives to like it post few articles and other relevant pictures on it. At least that helps you increase your company web presence. Link your Facebook page to your website

If you are comfortable using other sites like you tube tweeter and LinkedIn you can use them to promote business online. But if you are not comfortable take professional help or leave it for time being.

2. Do a CPC campaign.

When you have some budget to allocate use google AdWords for search engine marketing, Facebook cost per click campaign and Search engine optimization for promoting your business online. Please remember there is always return on investment so by spending 5000 Rs online don’t expect to get extraordinary response on the net.

Times have changed internet is also becoming very competitive space there are lot of websites coming up and lot of them are using online medium so according to me you need minimum budget of Rs 10000 for any cost per click (cpc campaign) or a budget of Rs 50000 for SEO depending on the keyword selected for SEO to get some response from
your campaign.