Leveraging Mobile Media

While you see the surge in Smart phone usage across the world i think businesses including Large corporate houses to Small SMEs and even start ups could use this media effectively. It is a very powerful media where even a single guy start up could reach to 200+ countries with out spending a single penny on marketing.
Idea is to build your own app and publish it. You will need to devote time and even spend initially on app building but if your strategy works it could do wonders for your Company.

How can we go about this

  1. Identifying the App – this is the most important point and could make or break your plan.
  2. Set your objective -why you wish to reach people for brand building or selling them online.
  3. Allocating Budget
  4. Execute

When we compare a start up who may have a zero marketing budget to a big brand spending lot on ads spend on TV and print media obviously the start up cant compete. But Mobile media can still be considered a level playing field for both. One can argue that the big company can spend a lot on this media also but think about it without budget a start up would not have a chance on other media compared to this one where it can at least publish its app and hope to get Organic visitors!